Lockdown and kids in home🏠

I had not thought that lockdown would become this long. As the lockdown was getting extended, I started to get surrounded by many unwanted thoughts of fear, anxiety, distrust and uncertainty.

It was not only affecting me, It was also affecting my family. I was worried as how to keep kids engaged at home. With zero maids support, initially I found it terrible. Then, decided to go with the flow and make a routine.

Just thought to share little steps taken to make every day better, positive and happy in lockdown:

Now, I and my both kids (3years old boy and 10 years old girl) dedicate around 40 mins every evening in dancing, doing Zumba, playing catch n catch,  doing exercises. It is fun and I become a third kid during this time.

I moved the sofa and dining table to one side to have space to play. Trust these 40 mins really make a difference. And my tummy has also gone in (LOL). My hubby also joins in some times. Spending playful time together brings in a lot of positive vibes. This also keeps the kids away from mood swings and anxiety.

As in these testing times we can’t go out, Kids are restricted to home. We can try small things if possible like I hung a swing made of bedsheet in the house. It gives kids a playful feel and something to do when they just don’t know what to do. I took a bed sheet and tied both ends with strong rope and hung it through a hole, (luckily we already had a hole passing through the wall for electrical purpose.)

Believe me, these small changes and initiatives really make a lot of difference.

Let kids make home little messy. Let them spill some water, dirty their hands with paints. Let them be creative with old boxes and bottles. If all these things are making them happy. let them enjoy and live these moments and make memories to cherish.

Try to add some “Me” time mothers. I know it’s really difficult especially in current scenario. But do try to find time for yourself. A Mother is backbone of a family. “A Happy healthy mother is a happy family” .

My “Me” time is my morning and evening tea time . Find your moments and live them. 😊

Stay Home Stay Safe !!

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