Parenting Tips : Positive Parenting & Happy Kids💕

Parenting is that toughest job which every mother loves…

Raising a child  with quality parenting is not easy and maintaining a life balance is challenging.

Let’s try to Follow a simple strategy that helps to offload the stress: 

#1)  The very first one is to listen patiently – Listening patiently to your child will help you to understand the child’s mind and will enable you to choose your options wisely.

#2) To join them at least in one activity of their interest /choice– this will enable the child to understand his capabilities and the confidence emerged will help him to perform better in other fields.

#3) Give a hug and tell them they are best – every day. It’s very important.

#4) When you scold or give punishment – tell the child why have you done so and what you expect. Kids understand when told once .Don’t exaggerate the things which can be avoided.

#5) Give clear message on repetitive ignorance – love is the key, at the same time it is also important to be firm and to discipline them by making them realise their mistake. But never overdo.

# 6) Never scold them on telling the truth –Never scold if your child is telling truth. You have to trust your kid- what may. This will lay a strong foundation of trust between parent and child.

#7) Early years of education makes foundation for the future. It’s important, good performance should be appreciated without being pushy for getting top ranks. Let child enjoy life.. don’t make it boring.

#8) Practice meditation / mantra /2 min breathing exercise before they sit for study –to begin with, you can start with chanting any mantra for 3 times  or thanking god the intelligence given. These small initiatives will help a lot in long run. 

#9 ) Be restrictive on TV watching time and be strict if required.  Watch informative and good videos together on mobile. Don’t leave them alone to watch

# 10) Don’t make your child failures your esteem issues – Your child is more important than your ego. Don’t keep very high expectations, encourage them to do anything and support them in their failures.

#11)   Parents need to raise themselves before raising their children. They are your reflection – choose your options wisely.

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