Moon Balancing Toy | Wooden |Age 2+


Wooden Balancing Game is an educational learning toy set for little ones and develops fine motor skills for children, adroitness,  eye sight measurement, patience, attention concentration, counting and co-ordinations of motions. The toy helps to learn different geometrical shapes and sizes as well.


Natural Wood Moon Base

12 wooden shapes (3 colours each red,  orange,  blue

1 coloured wooden Dice and a centre piece (Non Toxic water based colours and finishes)



Moon Base: Width -26 cm., Height.- 17 cm.,

Thick- 1.5cm. Weight- 600 gm.

Shapes : Height- 4 cm., Dia.- 2.2 cm.

Dice: Each Side- 3cm

Brand – Chota Kingdom

Non Toxic - Wooden Toy




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