Chaushar |Ludo| Choupad | Age 5+ ye


Chausar or Ancient Ludo is considered as one of the oldest games of India, which is played on a cross-shaped (cruciform) game board made of cloth. Different regions have given it different names like: Chaupad/ Chausar/Parcheesi/PagdiPat . Played like Ludo.

  • The board is made of cloth with four sided long dice.
  • A maximum of four players play this game, each sitting in front of an arm of the cross.
  • The centre of the cross is “ghar” or “home”.
  • Each player has four “men” or pieces .The “men” or pieces are made of wood.

Basic Rules : Each player has to enter his four men into the game from the starting point. The men travel around the outer perimeter columns in an anti-clockwise direction. Before a player can bring any of his own men “home”, he has to knock out at least one man of another player. This is called a “tohd”. Only the player’s own men can enter the home column of each player. 

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