Say NO to TOXIC ☠️ toys

The shinning products with neat details make a great impact. 

Do we get carried away by the marketing skills? The answer is yes! And, influential marketing gimmicks take away all our brains and many times decide our investments which we never wanted to make.

Do you ever think of paint quality or materials used while selecting a toy. You must be thinking, I shell out huge.. I can’t get cheated! And Here we go wrong..

Toys which are often made of harmful chemicals Like lead, PVC, BPA.. and are definitely not preferred in teething rings and other baby toys. But Nowadays, houses are loaded with these different types of toys. We all know about non toxic toys, but do we actually realise, how unsafe these luring toys can be for the little one. 

Toys can contain toxic chemicals such as BPA, PVC, lead, phthalates, cadmium, chlorine, and arsenic..

“A Chinese consumer organisation recently warned Chinese parents not to let children put toys in their mouths after many were found to contain a toxic agent that could cause liver or kidney damage.

This stunning advice came after the Consumer Council found phthalates at concentrations up to 300 times above what U.S. and European Union standards allow in over half the toys it tested.”


Toys loaded with harmful chemicals and toxic paints which carry big risk to the little one are sold as hot cakes, and are presented as ‘The Best Buy’. We need to be really cautions while making toy purchase, which seems to be very simple but actually can have adverse affect on child’s overall development.

Isn’t a high time to relook at our overall perception while purchasing items for kids. 

Isn’t a right time to say no to Chinese toxic products.

Be wise, As it is high time and right time to analyse and correct our buying decisions.


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