🐣Travelling out with baby🐥

Our worry starts and we start making a list – a week ago even we just have to go out for 2 days with our little one . Here is the list for your help.

Things not to miss for your baby while travelling. Check below, hope you have not missed any.

list of things to be taken care of while travelling with small baby.

  1. Extra diapers
  2. Hand sanitiser 
  3. Diaper rash cream 
  4. Hair oil
  5. Baby lotion – especially if baby skin is dry / baby shampoo /wet tissues.
  6. Keep extra cotton nickers to keep baby free from diaper for some time. 
  7. Extra sheet  / small baby blanket
  8. Always carry munching with you witch baby likes to eat . eg : my junior used to love ground nuts/ peanut butter , grapes , blue berries ,  Poori aalo ,bread Jam, tomato ketchup can be kept in small container,  chips , thepla .. 
  9. We always want to give kids healthy food but while travelling I would suggest to go for safe food. Rather picking food items from outstations (high possibility of duplicate items ) always carry enough quantity of food for your baby.
  10. Some candies can be kept while travelling long distance .i used to keep  london dairy for my 20 months old and used to break in small pieces  and give sometimes during long travelling hours. 
  11. Carry readymade baby formulae food for sure – as it is quick to make and satisfies hungry kid.
  12. Keep Umbrella always both when weather is hot or rainy.
  13. Medicine BOX – basic medicines for fever , cough and cold.
  14. 1 or 2 Small toys – to engage baby s
  15. If you are going to stay in hotel , choose the options where electric cooker is available for cooking quick baby food.
  16. Extra pair of footwear and a warmer/jacket (irrespective of weather) (could be required  any time )
  17. If weather is cold – not to miss to keep extra jackets and blankets.

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