Waking up your baby for school🎒

Are you going through this tough challenge of waking up your kid for school.

See, you need to understand, these tiny tiny eyes, tiny tiny fingers, tiny tiny feet and tiny tiny them can’t behave like you. Your life is moving fast. You want everything in a snap. but, They are free little birds.. let them dream little more. let them take their own time. and if you really really want happy mornings with your child. You need to ensure your little ones good sleep.

Don’t hurry up mother ! Play some game and sing some favourite rhymes when you wake up your kid. It makes the morning pleasant and refrain kid to throw morning tantrums and show unreasonable anger.

for happy morning, a good sleep is must.There are parents who skip their kids afternoon sleep. Make them eat by 6.30pm and ensures the kid goes off to sleep by 7.30pm, that ensures enough sleep and non cranky morning behaviour. kids do differ in their behaviour and sleeping patterns. If your lil one can’t stay awake during noon then try with short nap during noon time. But must ensure child goes to bed early at night.

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